A Change of Pace – Season 2 – Rankings and Teams 1

Season 2- Sophomore Class Rankings

  1. Angela Martin- Angelic shifter
  2. Jason Cook- Advanced Mind (strong telekinetic, weak telepathy)
  3. Kimberly Goodman- blaster who can control the properties of the spheres she creates
  4. Erin Fisher- can animate inanimate objects
  5. Mason Jackson- super strength and durability
  6. Anna Fletcher- electrokinetic
  7. Teresa Shaw- multispecies shifter
  8. Anika Kemps- designation undeterminable, learns new powers over time (Strength, Speed, telepathy)
  9. Alexander Webb- augments muscles and bones into creature with enhanced physical attributes
  10. Seth Abney- Broad Spectrum Elemental Manipulator
  11. Casey Williams- super strength and durability (more so durability than strength)
  12. Lorelei Gilford- blaster (eyes), more durable than average
  13. Kyoshi Schultz- Advance Mind (Strong telepath, weak telekinetic)
  14. Liam Garrison- toxic obfuscator (breath) and produces neurotoxin with skin
  15. Simon Skylar- creates a 3-foot gravity field around himself
  16. Emilia Scarborough- cryokinetic
  17. Fiona Richardson- teleporter
  18. Rebecca Whitfield- speedster
  19. Natalia Romanoff- paralysis with eye contact
  20. Carson Long- explosive blows. Kinetic and thermal energy release.
  21. Oliver Carpenter- technopath
  22. Jacqueline Eaton- aerokinetic
  23. Ashley Bates- lesser advanced mind- bug control
  24. Richard Gibson- has the ability to alter his size with a corresponding change in strength and durability
  25. Danny Mason- Duplicator
  26. Janet Ibsen- light manipulator, creates a light-rope
  27. Blake Rhodes – muscle mimic
  28. Rowan Michaelson – (transfer student) conjurer



Season 2 Freshman Rankings


3. Isla Perko – defensive aura

16. Aiden Murphy – tattoos come to life

40. Scarlett Vaan – psychic surgery


Sophomore Teams


Team 1

Angela Martin, Kyoshi Schultz, Alexander Webb, Fiona Richardson, Natalia Romanoff, Oliver Carpenter, Blake Rhodes


Team 2

Jason Cook, Anika Kemps, Teresa Shaw, Liam Garrison, Emilia Scarborough, Danny Mason, Janet Ibsen


Team 3

Kimberly Goodman, Anna Fletcher, Casey Williams, Rebecca Whitfield, Jacqueline Eton, Carson Long, Richard Gibson


Team 4

Erin Fisher, Mason Jackson, Lorelei Gilford, Simon Skylar, Ashley Bates, Rowan Michaelson, Seth Abney



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