A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace – Chapter 9 6

The morning moved by in excruciatingly slow motion, and it had nothing to do with Becca’s super speed. It was an unnatural phenomenon of reality. The more you were looking forward to something, the more time seemed to drag, and the less you didn’t want to do something the quicker […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 11 8

Daisy watched the monitors in the viewing room with the handful of students who’d finished their first round fights. It hadn’t been more than ten minutes since the students stood united against the evil instructors, but now there were clear separations. Those who’d lost tended to group together in silence, […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 13 9

Daisy watched the healer patch up Mason. Shrinking the swelling and bruising on his face until no trace of the beating remained. She fixed his eyes, which were actually quite damaged from Angela’s repeated blows. The trauma would have left the Super partially blind if not for the available healing. […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 14 2

Kyoshi felt her grip relax the moment the door closed behind Coach Meyers. It wasn’t until the relief washed over her that she even knew she’d grabbed Mason’s hand in white knuckled fear. She gingerly flexed her digits, each popping with reprieve as pressure was released. <What was that?> Kyoshi […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 15 10

“Congratulations Ms. Martin and Mr. Cook,” the Dean’s deep voice boomed over the PA system. “You have fought with honor today, and have bested your peers. You are officially the number one and two ranked students in the freshmen class. This battle will determine which of you earns the coveted […]

A Change of Pace – Class Rankings 5

Freshman Class Rankings Angela Martin- Angelic shifter Jason Cook- Advanced Mind (strong telekinetic, weak telepathy) Erin Fisher- can animate inanimate objects Alexander Webb- augments muscles and bones into creature with enhanced physical attributes Teresa Shaw- multispecies shifter Mason Jackson- super strength and durability Anika Kemps- designation undeterminable, learns new powers […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 17 2

BEEP…BEEP…BEEP… Daisy’s dreamless sleep was pointedly interrupted by the nagging of her alarm clock. <Fuck.> with a groan she rolled off of her stomach, wiping the drool from the corner of her mouth. She glanced at the clock in irritation, ready to send an electrical shock through its circuitry so […]