A Dance of Shadows

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 10

“FedEx truck will be here in sixty seconds,” Alley said from the front seat. In the back of the truck’s extended cab, Nate rubbed a forearm across his forehead. The heat made him sweat and his skin felt oily from the sunscreen. Though the sun promised to set soon, it […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 11

Dean Diane Goddard walked into her Ethics classroom and kept her smile to herself. The freshmen were patently nervous; showing amusement on the day of their combat trials would insult them. Today, they were expected to battle other Supers for rank, potentially defining their Hero career from this moment forward. […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 12

Finn walked into one of West Private’s combat rooms and gave a low whistle as he looked around. Thick slabs of concrete made up the walls, floors and ceiling. Probably steel reinforced. It made sense at least. If the builders bothered with that much concrete, why use wood for support […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 13

When the Ringmaster called her Tuesday morning, Dr. Sarah Amherst knew she’d be a little late to work. She slipped her cell phone back into her purse before lifting the bag and sliding it over her shoulder. With her coat already on, Sarah picked up her car keys as she […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 14

The second week of school was quite a bit quieter than the first. With most of student orientation out of the way, college fairs had largely wrapped up and the attendees had started to settle into classes. The mood was still positive, though. Ninety degree weather meant everyone dressed light […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 15

Jia watched her past leaving her in the dust. The slim Chinese girl stood in the center of the HCP lobby. A vast room was the bridge point for all HCP lifts as well as providing central access to the combat cells beyond, the classrooms on the right and the […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 16

“You want me to go to a fraternity party?” Alley lay propped up in her bed and couldn’t be bothered to do more than give Finn an incredulous eye from where he stood in the second floor hallway. He spread his hands wide and adopted the most hopeful expression ever seen outside […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 17

“I don’t like what you’re thinking.” Nate winced a little as he hurried along the nearly deserted college sidewalks with his warden, Julie Campbell. The telepath could hear everything going on in his head, of course. Maybe there were ways to screen your thoughts from being read but he sure […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 18

Dean Diane Goddard had a feeling today would be one of those days. That instinct was confirmed by a pounding on her office door. The Dean reached out and steadied a small, precariously balanced sculpture on her desk before it fell over. Then, calmly, she said “Come in.” Professor Ava […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 19

“Hey, you room with Nate Insley, right? Is it true that he’s the Ringmaster’s son?” Finn sweated through the last set of reps in this round of bench press during Gym. His breath exploded from him in a great gasp as he almost dropped the bars. Rubbing his burning arms, […]