A Dance of Shadows

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 20

“I think Alley’s gay,” Amara whispered. Jia froze, then finished fastening her bra back on and buttoned her blouse. The two girls had lockers right next to each other in the girl’s locker room and, after Gym, showers were mandatory. Jia felt exhausted, freshly scrubbed and ready to face the […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 21

“Okay, this gay thing sucks. I’m done with it. Bring on the boys.” Alley leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the dining table in their corner of McKinnon Cafeteria. Beside her, Finn just shook his head and continued to tuck into his hamburger while reading […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 22

Nate could hear Alley pounding on his bedroom door, demanding his presence for dinner. For the first time, he disobeyed by rolling over in his bed. Eventually, she stopped knocking. Finally everyone left him alone to curl up into a ball in peace. Minutes passed, maybe hours. Pain didn’t really […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 23

Finn chuckled as his roommates pressed against his back, crowding the observation platform to see down into the combat cell below. Of course, they had monitors behind them that could zoom in on the action far more comfortably. Still, even he had to admit there was something about actually laying […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 24

Jake was the most beautiful baby Jia had ever seen. She held her son close, breathing in the sight and scent of him. It hit something inside of her, something deeply physical and somehow more profound than mere feeling. This amazing wonder was hers. He came from her. She’d carried […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 25

The two conservative nutjobs did a great job keeping each other company. Alley sat on one of the leather-clad couches in Lambert Acres’ living room and smiled like a fool whenever the parents looked her way. Her father, Master Sergeant Hank Amherst retired, wore a polo shirt tucked into a […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 26

The knock at the door to her office told Dean Diane Goddard that she wouldn’t have the last few minutes of lunch to herself after all. She repressed a sigh and said “Come in” as she took the last bite of her cheesecake slice. After years spent working in the […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 27

“So, when are you asking Julie out?” Nate shifted uncomfortably before he went back to mimicking Finn’s stance. Both hands raised, feet spread slightly, shoulders forward. Finn took a jab at him and this time Nate blocked it. The taller black Brit just grinned and nodded, pleased that their drilling […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 28

The hardest part about staging a break-in on Halloween was handling one’s date. Finn took a minute surveying the HCP common area’s decorations to buy time to find an opportunity. The massive walls were liberally painted pumpkin and black, with big swaths of banners and various scary monsters dangling on […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 29

The sprawling ranch-style house might fit into any suburb anywhere. Its lawn was well cared for, its mailbox full and the driveway free of cars during the middle of the work day. The position of the sun suggested late afternoon. School was out for the day. That’s why Nate Insley […]