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BunnyLover here, long time reader first time fan fic writer. I wanted to write a quick foreword for this story line because, as you may have guessed, this work isn’t set in the USA, it’s set in the UK (where I spend most of my time watching the rain… damn rain).

When I first found the fan fictions written in the super powered universe I was thrilled, literally in my seat trying not to squeak. I’ve made my way through most of them by now and have loved every one that I’ve read (and cried over those that appear to be abandoned). As I read these fan fics I realised they all were set in the US, which is kind of obvious as that’s where the five HCPs are according to canon. I’ve currently got some time to kill as I wait around between jobs and starting Uni in the fall so I figured why not write my own fan fic!

Now there are some obvious issues with writing in the Powereds universe outside of the USA. Firstly there’s not really been anything at all in anything the almighty Drew (long may he write) has written about what goes on overseas. This means everything I write instantly goes off canon or however you’re supposed to say it.

Because I can’t write this story line and follow canon I’ve decided to say to hell with it and I’ve run with the few crazy ideas I’ve had for my story. Most notably is how I think a British HCP could be run. For those of you not familiar with the British education system, we typically only spend three years at university instead of four. This causes some major issues in terms of ‘is that enough time?’

My answer: Nope!

My solution: in the UK we have something called Sixth Form where we spend our last two years of schooling before university. This is the time when we turn 17 and 18. So in my corner of the Powered fan fic universe, British HCPs combine university and sixth form creating a five year programme!

I do refer to a lot of British educationy things like Lower Sixth (first year of sixth form, start at age 16), Upper sixth (last year of sixth form, start at age 17) and A Levels. I haven’t really bothered to explain these in my story so here’s a quick rundown:

  • AS Levels – exams taken in lower sixth. An AS Level makes up half of an A Level and typically a student studies four AS Levels. The subjects are your standard Maths, English, Geography, Music, Biology etc. etc. No subject is compulsory (thank GOD!)
  • A2 Levels – the second lot of exams that make up an A level. In Upper Sixth, one of the AS subjects is normally dropped and a student will graduate Sixth form with three A Levels.
  • University Courses – I’m not very clear how you guys do university in the states but over here you pick one subject course to apply for and that’s all you study. There aren’t really Majors or Minors, nor any such thing as an undecided degree course. You either apply for a subject (e.g. Business, maths, chemistry, media) or you don’t go to Uni.


So there are the basic premises of British Education. I have included some other interesting and out there twists in how a UK HCP is run (according to me anyway) but you’ll have to actually read my work to find out what those are (MWHAHAHA PLOT TWIST!!!) I’m also going to be using English Spellings so… deal with it! 😉


A few other differences it’s worth me pointing out now as it could be confusing until you get up to Chapter 8 or so. Yes there are two schools that make up the Southern England and Welsh HCP, a boys and girls school. This separation really only affects normal education and facilities. I thought about going further but decided that would be one too many differences for my story.

The DFH is the UK version of the DVA because I figured since we have MI5 and 6 instead of the CIA or FBI, we’d probably have a different organisation name too. My name is pretty awful however as I can’t remember what it was originally, so if you’re reading this and would rather I stuck with DVA let me know and the mass find and replace will begin!

Finally no, anon is not a piece of British slang, I made it up to use as a short hand way of saying ‘HCP student whose fights, matches and powers are not made public’. You’ll figure out what that means as you get through the first few chapters.


Like I said I’ve never done this before so any and all advice, pointers, corrections and yes, even criticisms are welcome. I’ll be away from my computer from June 8th till roughly September (2016) but I hope to at least finish most of Year 1 before then!

Thanks and let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!!

England's Heroes - Prologue

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6 thoughts on “England’s Heroes – A Quick Foreword

  • Diane

    I didn’t post these before, but if Drew decides to let all of yo publish your fan fic, you might want to fix these typos too.

    its set in the UK
    it’s set in the UK

    these fan fics I realised all were set in the US
    these fan fics I realised they all were set in the US

  • Diane

    One last comment – I noticed that your stuff isn’t in the RSS feed. I think you have to tag it new when you submit it. Scot may know more since his stuff is in the feed. I got notified by subscribing to superpowerds(dot)com, but I only did that recently. If you want more readers, It should be in the RSS feed.