England’s Heroes – Prologue 5

Prologue – Acceptance   Amelia sat in front of the Dean of the St Mary’s School for highly gifted women and tried not to over analyse the silence that filled the room. Amelia was used to this particular kind of silence. It had followed her for years, its presence made […]

England’s Heroes – Chapter One 3

Chapter One – Arrivals   Anya Collins looked up at the large and stately looking building in front of her. The worn bricks conveyed a sense of age rather than dilapidation, helped in no small part by the ivy climbing the walls that looked as if it had been growing […]

England’s Heroes – Chapter Three 1

Chapter Three – Mud   Karissa Brashmoore had never been quite so filthy in all of her sixteen years. She suspected even birth had been cleaner than she was right now. Despite the class having lined up with lightning speed after Coach M’s threat, she’d still caused a torrential downpour […]

England’s Heroes – Chapter Five 1

Chapter Five – Battles   Ash really hated Mondays. His first battle, of all the luck, had been against a wind manipulator and as soon as the battle started Ash had found himself blasted into the wall behind him. He thought about using his power, but he didn’t know what […]

England’s Heroes – Chapter Seven 4

Chapter Seven – Blind   Bethany Parks watched as the remaining fights from the second round concluded. She was mildly impressed by some of the fights she saw on the screens. In her mind she ran through the strategies she could use to disable, defeat and even kill the fighters […]

England’s Heroes – Chapter Eight 3

Chapter Eight – Rankings   Once again Ash was late arriving at the girl’s assembly hall, although this time he was only off by a few seconds and, luckily for him, the coaches hadn’t yet begun their speech. As quickly and quietly as he could, Ash slipped into one of […]