England’s Heroes – Chapter Ten 3

Chapter Ten – Relax   Brashmoore and St Mary’s campuses were located deep in the English countryside. This was in part to avoid having too many humans and reporters trying to get onto the highly secure and well-guarded grounds, but also to protect those same people from unexpected losses of […]

England’s Heroes – Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven – Match   The following morning was wet and cold. It seemed autumn had finally bucked the last of the summer’s hold on September. Ash waited in the hallway that lead into the combat cells. He was vibrating with barely restrained energy, his strategy running over and over […]

England’s Heroes update 4

Hello   i am, for the next three months on a bit of a hiatus. I’m currently in the states for work and won’t have access to my laptop until I return home. (Currently typing on my phone… ) When I do get back I will start posting once more, […]