England’s Heroes – Update (Again) 2



Firstly, I hate my laptop. It died on me as I finished writing this and the next chapter and I hadn’t saved. My own fault I admit, but still a good few hours’ work gone.

Right rant over, on with the update.

The good news? I still plan on finishing this first year. The bad news? I’m swamped and don’t know when chapters will get written, let alone posted. I’m trying, but bear with me on this.

Secondly (thirdly?), I have managed to write a new chapter and it will be posted after this. Inspired by BeamMeUpScotty’s declaration that the UK has a different classification system to the US, I’ve created one. This took a lot of swearing and banging of heads against walls so thanks Scotty. Thanks.

Yes I could have just ignored it but then I wouldn’t be meshing with the FanFic community as well and I like everything reference stuff that isn’t just Drew Canon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my classification system. Hopefully I’ll be posting more regularly once I’m settled in at University this autumn.

Ramble over,




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