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Clarification and Rankings



So thanks to the wonderful corrections and questions of some of you guys I’ve realised that I really needed to clarify things a bit more. In case you haven’t already, go read my foreword, that should help with some of it and I’ll be updating it as I go, but for now here are a few key points to clear up.


  1. What is the DFH?

You know how America has the CIA and FBI whilst the UK has MI5 and 6 (and supposedly a 7 but I’m not sure I believe that one)? Well I figured we’d probably try and have our own name for the DVA. Now I did have something somewhere that told me what DFH stood for, but in my copious editing and rewrites I managed to delete it… and then forgot what it stood for.

So I’m going with the Department For Homosuperious!!!

(Yes I know it’s really pretentious sounding and I cringe now every time I write it. If you want me to change it to DVA I am more than happy to! (Alternatively Drew could just come out and say that the DVA is an international body or something then I’d have to for canon purposes. Just saying Drew if you read this 😉 ) ).


2. There are two schools here?

Yes there are and in an earlier version I did explain this, however it got cut and I forgot that not everyone could or would read my mind. So yes there are two schools (we have a lot of single sex schools in the UK and since I went to an all-girls school for years I figured why not try it out in the HCP… sort of… it really only now applies to normal study and facilities.)

I am going back to my foreword to put in an explanation for this and will stick something in the prologue to!


3. Is anon slang for anonymous?

Yes it is. No one’s actually asked this but I thought that since you don’t read my mind you might get a bit confused as to what an anon is when its referenced. It simply means a student whose fights and matches are not released to the general public. They are distinguished in the rankings by letters rather than numbers.


If there are any more things you want clarifying please don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments below!


On to the useful bit!

Like all HCP’s the first year is chock full of students, names, ranks and powers we’re all trying to keep in line. Believe me it’s hard when your characters suddenly decide ‘nope, I’m going to be fourth ranked after all mwhahahaha!’ (Little shits).

Anyway here are the students as they are ranked overall. The number right of those in brackets show where they are ranked in terms of gender, just so it helps if I start switching between the two lists, whilst the bracketed numbers shows the number a student is referred to in the media. Here’s hoping we can keep this all straight! *Nervous laughter*


1              Amelia Edwards (E) – 1 – Powered. Has the ability to hypnotise people with her gaze and implant a hypnotic command in their minds. Side effect – causes the person to forget everything about Amelia. Wears a tech super crafted blindfold to control and contain her powers. Eyes are multi-coloured and glow.

2              Max Jeng (J) – 1 – Speedster who can create energy barriers that allow him to rapidly change direction and altitude.

3              Anya Collins (6) – 2 – creates armour and weapons out of different elements like air, crystal, fire and water. When constructs are damaged, they take a while to repair themselves. Mother is an HCP Professor. Eyes and hair are extremely bright versions of red and green.

4              James and John Gibbs (10 11) – 2 – James transforms into a gigantic two headed hound from hell with impressive physical and mental defences. However by himself his form is mindless and vicious. His twin brother John has no ability except to be able to take control of his brother’s mindless beast form and communicate with him telepathically.

6              Luke Smith (13) – 4 – Luke shifts into a hooded and robed floating being that is able to manipulate and control shadows.

7              Karissa Brashmoore (9) – 3 – Her power allows her to summon multiple butterflies of various colours and properties that include healing, freezing, force and heat. When using her power a lot, a butterfly tattoo appears across her face. Karissa can use the butterflies to see from multiple viewpoints. Her’s is a legacy power and her ancestors were a founder of Brashmoore. Has heterochromatic eyes and hair is various shades of purple (unknown if hair is natural or dyed).

8              Eric Chap (27) – 5 – An advanced mind with medium level telekinetic strength but who cannot directly read his opponent’s thoughts. Instead he claims he can summon forth and communicate with the dead of his targets

9              Tyler Madan (7) – 6 – A high end strongman with high level durability and slightly increased speed. Hair appears to be a dark navy under bright lights.

10           Florence West (15) – 4 – A limited range teleporter who can only travel about 500 feet in any direction. However she has no known mass limit to what she can teleport, does not need to be physically touching an object to affect it if it is within 5 feet of her and can teleport others without teleporting herself.

11           Hae-Lin Chen (20) – 5 – Shifted body is made of a material that looks like glass but is fluid and responsive to Hae-Lin’s will. Substance is also far tougher than glass and appears fairly resistant to heat or cold. When not in a fluid shape, body is ridged meaning it can be broken with enough force. Breaks do not transfer over when Hae-Lin shifts back.

12           Neil Fleming (4) – 7 – Super speed with some increased strength and durability. Primarily a speedster.

13           Megan Jones (25) – 6 – A paper manipulator who can sense any paper around her within a 1 km radius. Can move paper without contact and the paper based objects she does touch can be enhanced/reinforced. Creates her own paper as a hobby.

14           Tom Reese (2) – 8 – A summoner whose can summon four different elemental based creatures currently. His fastest and most powerful summons is yellow and brown electricity based creature that bares a very strong resemblance to a popular cartoon creature

15           “Derek Zammit (21) – 9 – An Australian Super whose power allows him to summon forth beings best described as characters from popular fantasy MMORPGs. He currently summons a Knight he calls Sir Braveheart (Marvin), an Assassin/Rogue known as Evening Shadow (Jim) and a third as yet unknown summons (possible healer). Many psychologists have studied Derek’s unique relationship with his summons due to their intelligence and apparent autonomy. They have concluded that due to Derek’s obsessions with RPGs and late power development, his constructs are more closely linked to his conscious than sub-conscious mind, that they appear to be alternate personalities based off of his obsession. Derek would like the readers to know that he is not obsessed, just truly appreciates the fine art of immersive gaming.

He also appears to be able to summon the abilities and weapons of his characters separately.”

16           Evan Thompson (5) – 10 – Aerokinetic

17           Eli Mason (23) – 11 – Blaster who can throw miniature explosions or shoot a beam from his hands that can disintegrate most inorganic materials. Powers do not appear to affect organic material unless used in explosion form.

18           Samantha French (1) – 7 – Animator with a control range of 1 mile and from within a 10 feet radius can animate any object around her without making physical contact. Though she can control up to 10 different object currently, she is limited in what orders she can give as they have very limited ability to enact complex instructions without clear direction.

19           Kylie Morton (19) – 8 – Barrier creator who can’t create barriers more than 300 feet from her, but can imbue barriers with multiple properties and traits like being air tight.

20           Rob Burke – (12) – 12 – Healer who has moderate self-regeneration for wounds and can turn off his pain receptors and control his brain chemistry. Heals others through contact.

21           Ashley Tinder (4) – 9 – Her power allows her to duplicate anyone she touches. Can then control those duplicates with simple worded commands. Cannot duplicate self and whilst she can create up to 10 copies of her target they are human versions of the original.

22           Clark May (1) – 13 – Shifter whose shifted form is that of an elf with a golden bow and quiver. Elf bears a striking resemblance to an elf from Tolkien lore.

23           Lana Simpson (18) – 10 – Light manipulator who can block, absorb, store and redirect light from any source except solar. Her control of light she releases is limited and most of it is often released as heat making it unsuitable to be used in close range to human opponents. She herself has night vision and an immunity to her own released light.

24           Unknown

25           Timothy Clinton (20) – 15 – Unable to lose consciousness and apparently has no need to sleep. Even severe beatings and drugs appear unable to render him unconscious, though he can be numbed. Due to his lack of a need to sleep and an odd number of boys, Tim has his own room.

26           Emma Finn (10) – 11 – An illusionist who can create large scale illusions, but whose attention to detail is affected the greater the area she manipulates. Has complete control over who her illusions effect, but currently can’t affect more than three people at a time. Illusionary object/creatures will fadeout a bit if interacted with.

27           Mia Black (28) – 12 – shifter who can take on multiple bird forms as well as a semi-shifted form with four multi-property wings and bird-like characteristics. Speed in half-state is reduced slightly

28           Unknown

29           Hunter Fox (3) – 16 – Tech Super whose specialty is in genetics. He breeds and controls hybrid beasts that he uses to fight for him

30           Clara Bill (22) – 14 – Super with vastly increased durability and heightened sense. Strength is also increased to that of a low end strongman.

31           Unknown

32           Unknown

33           Matthew Newton (8) – 18

34           Unknown

35           Unknown

36           Unknown

37           Unknown

38           Unknown

39           Unknown

40           Unknown

41           Unknown

42           Bruce Golding (19) – 22 – Has the power to make rapid probability calculations that allow him to essentially predict future events with enough data. He tends to get forgotten by the Author, but we’re working on it!

43           Unknown

44           Unknown

45           Zoe Taylor (28) – 23 – Weak telekinetic whose range to affect objects goes as far as she can see. Her telepathy is likewise weak and only vague surface thoughts can be glimpsed, however she can accurately tell whenever someone lies to her, whether what they say is fact or belief (e.g. to her a Christian’s belief about God would register as the truth (if truly devout) but also as a truthful belief). She can also read how much doubt there is regarding a statement.

46           Unknown

47           Ash Lloyd (16) – 24 – Has a power which changes at midnight each day. They appear to rotate on a seven day basis. Current known powers include shape shifting into mist (Monday), basic elemental manipulation (Friday) and the creation of nearly impenetrable barriers of varying size (Saturday).

48           Bethany Parks (2) – 24 – Registered power includes increased physical abilities when summoned creature is present. This summoned creature can change shape but most often appears as a black cat with white markings. Has red eyes which match those of her summoned creature.


Hope this helps!


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20 thoughts on “England’s Heroes – A few Clarifying Points and Rankings

  • Diane

    Thank you for the explanations, I’ll have to re-read the Foreword and Prologue, (not really a hardship there)
    You must’ve liked Hexcellent a lot, you have 4 summoners. Butterflies are different, never really saw them as a threat. Not sure how anyone will counter Amelia if they can’t watch her matches, and the losers don’t remember what happened. Maybe one of the summoners’ constructs will remember?

    however it got cut and I forgot that not everyone out could or would read my mind
    however it got cut and I forgot that not everyone out there could or would read my mind (or you could just remove the “out”)

    miniature explosions or shot a beam from his hands
    miniature explosions or shoot a beam from his hands

    • BunnyLover Post author

      I really do love Hexcellent, I came up with BunnyLover from my reaction to Hopscules coming in to save the day. Nothing says awesome like a gigantic armoured bunny.
      The summoner thing is more a case of I was struggling to come up with some good original powers because I didn’t want to end up copying Drew or any other fan fic writers. That’s why there are some unknowns left. I also only recently realised that Amelia is a name used in another fan fic, but I think its a bit late to go changing it now so I’m sticking with it! (sorry Oniwasabi)

      • Oniwasabi

        No apologies! The Amelias must now meet via an incredibly unlikely series of coincidences and do battle over which of them retains their name!

        On an unrelated note: Amelia Edwards vs Rich Weaver. The most epic staring contest the HCP has ever seen!

        • BunnyLover Post author

          If you ever want to do a cross-over I’m more than up for it!
          And you’re totally right, Edwards vs. Weaver would be the best staring contest ever!

    • BunnyLover Post author

      No he didn’t, I just forgot to put him in because my list lied to me. Updating the rankings as we speak!

  • BeamMeUpScotty

    Diane is right. Under the tags box click on choose from the most used tags and “new” will pop up. Click on that and it should populate on Drew’s feed.

  • PattonZ

    I honestly had something like this as notes, but for the life of me I have no clue what happened to them. I have been writing them from scratch when suddenly I had a idea come out of nowhere for Legacy of.. 3 and I got side tracked by Anti-Writer’s Block.

    I honestly don’t like the idea of listing them out because I think I’ll feel like I have to write something for every one of them. Then again I can’t just let them come and go as they please, because that would be even more confusing. What was your thoughts while writing this?

    I have however listed out all of Bear’s personalities and their individual powers, which no one will see ever. That was fun. His power makes me chuckle darkly.

    • BunnyLover Post author

      I knew I was going to struggle to keep track of who everyone was and whilst some authors like Drew are able to just make his characters memorable off the bat, I haven’t done this before so I decided to do the same as some of the other fan fic writers and post a list. that way if I get something wrong later, some enterprising reader can point out ‘No, you said they were telekinetic, not super strong!’ etc.
      I currently have a working spreadsheet as well as a notebook where I just dump everything. I’m also using some drawings off pintrest to help remind me of character descriptions because, aside from a few, I am really struggling to remember how I previously described characters. For example, have I yet mentioned Derek’s hair colour? Because I want him blonde but I don’t know if I already made him brunet.
      I have a few people in mind who have fun powers but I’m not going to give out any spoilers just yet. I will say however that Kris is my favourite character so far which is why she gets purple hair (my goal is to dye mine purple at some point in the near future).

        • PattonZ

          Okay, I miswrote that, you are obivously awansering that one. What do you thing the SSA looks like in Britain? How do superpowers affect Major League Soccer, and does the location of Birmingham help West Brom get over the hump in top tier play?

          Because I don’t know about you, but it would take a Titan to get them in contention for the cup.

          • BunnyLover Post author

            Clearly you know more about British sports than I ever will. I have no idea about whether West Brom will ever get over their ‘hump’.
            As for the SSA, I think they’d probably have international competitions as with every major sport. Sure there might be a bit more danger if two teams got into a brawl, but I also think there’d be room for creating new sports/rules purely for Supers (I like to think that out there somewhere is a super that can make objects fly and that they now have the monopoly on broomsticks and Quidditch).
            I also think internationally HCP’s would vary from country to country. Take China for example. They’d most likely have every Super go through some kind of training that would either lead to a life as a Hero or as a soldier in a Super Army, Special Forces or Spy team. They would be really secretive about it though.
            I’m hoping, if I ever get to that stage, to make my intermurals an European affair, simply because it’s the sort of thing we’d do. I mean look at Eurovision. We do Euro everything!

  • Turncoat17

    Awesome, had to take a break from reading superpowereds for while because I’m studying for my Bac but finally a Superhero fanfic that set in England, honestly thought I’d have to write one myself, now I don’t and get to keep up with my revision. Thanks BunnyLover!

      • Turncoat17

        Clearly, I like the idea of a EU wide intermurals but what are you going to do if Britain votes yes to Brexit? How would that come into play or wouldn’t it at all? Another question is whether you think there would EU sponsored HCP, and after graduation they are made a hero with jurisdiction Europe wide?

        • BunnyLover Post author

          1. Britain isn’t going to Brexit. There just no chance.
          2. If it did, I’m going to ignore it since that’s way to complicated for a first story. Real world politics are just… Blah!
          I mean, I doubt Drew will change anything if Trump becomes the next US president and that kind of spells the end of the world…
          3. Yes I think their jurisdiction would be Europe wide because of the ease with which people can travel between countries in Europe. We’re far to tide together for our Heroes not to be able to work across the channel. 🙂

          • Turncoat17

            Personally as an englishman living in France I hope to god the Brexit doesn’t come to pass and it seems doubtful the UK’s just in far to deep. As much as I hope the Front National don’t become head of state that would be hell.
            On another note what are the other UK HCPs I saw you mention them but I not sure I got their names properly.

          • BunnyLover Post author

            They should have been mentioned in (I want to say) Chapter 4. Am working on a bulk update but they get mentioned again in the next chapter so that should help. Just in case the HCP schools I’ve made up are Fairford Academy (Northern England and Northern Ireland) and Edinburgh College (Scotland – let’s be honest, the Scots would have their own HCP)

  • Tim

    Really enjoying this so far, it’s interesting to get a totally different take on how an HCP could work outside of the format Drew has for the American ones.
    You did actually name Dereks third summon in chapter five “a cleric Justine the Pure” and specified that she has healing abilities.
    At the beginning of chapter one you say that DFH stands for Department For Heroes, and in the foreword you can’t remember what it stands for, might be an idea to fix that at some point.
    Homosuperious is just the kind of pretentious cringeworthy term that the government would use…