Path of the Golden Average: Update (05/10/2017) 2

No, I haven’t forgotten my promise. Yes, I will be continuing to write and update this story. Periodically. Life got busy, and I just didn’t have as much time as before; therefore certain stories got the backburner.

Truth be told, another one of the reasons I stepped away for a little while was that style of writing I was using for this story seemed a little off. I have some great ideas for the future of this tale but the way I was originally writing it… isn’t good enough.

TDLR: I’ll be getting back to Sizemore soon, but the writing might seem a little different. We’ll just have to wait and see if it works out.


J.D. Rhyder

Path of the Golden Average: Chapter 3
Note of Return (02/19/2020)

About J.D.Rhyder

Greetings Friends! My name (at least in the world of literature) is Jonathan D. Rhyder. I have long been enthralled with the genre of superheroes; though this came about less through comic books, and more through fiction of a similar sort to Super Powereds. My career currently revolves around traveling and aviation (I wish to experience as much of this beautiful world as possible) and my somewhat consistent hobby is writing. Perhaps one day I shall become a professional in that field. We shall see. At the moment, I plan on writing/uploading here once to twice a week; depending on when I have the ability to connect to the internet. Most chapters will be between 1500 - 3000 words. More details can be found on the Author Introduction page. Hope you enjoy!

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