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Echos: Chapter – VIII 5

Chapter – VIII After Tom left to head back to the locker room, the match that coach Alex was watching in an adjacent cell ended. The two combatants had stopped their own match after the resounding crash shook their cell. Alex had to get on the address system and remind […]

Villain University: Chapter 6 5

Chapter 6     The next morning as Jennifer was in the kitchen getting some orange juice she looked out into the backyard and saw Sam laying naked on a towel. She had to see what this was about, she headed out back, and luckily Sam was lying face down, […]

Echos: Chapter IX 1

Chapter – IX “Gotcha.” And suddenly the world fell away. Max’s stomach felt like it was trying to climb up his throat and out of his mouth. The wind began rushing past his ears as he fell, and he looked around to see that he was somehow falling from the […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 12 4

The Masks We Wear Chapter 12: Teachers and Trainees Sean Pendleton and Carl Fletcher walked from the gym to the main conference room together. Sean opened the door and saw Dean Blaine sitting at the head of the table with his other professors in various seats. The bar which was […]

Villain University: Chapter 7 3

Chapter 7     The next day they had a short ethics class while the last of the students met with Professor Young about their subtlety work, once the last student was finished they were directed to the lifts once again. They took them down to the level below the […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 11 8

Daisy watched the monitors in the viewing room with the handful of students who’d finished their first round fights. It hadn’t been more than ten minutes since the students stood united against the evil instructors, but now there were clear separations. Those who’d lost tended to group together in silence, […]

Echos: Chapter – X 3

Chapter – X Max blinked a couple times before he was able to find the screen he, Peter, and Tom had hunkered down in front of to watch Erik’s fight that morning. Before heading over, he turned to Robin “Thanks for helping me up here. My roommates are over there.” […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 13 6

The Masks We Wear Chapter 13: Beat Up, Shake Down The rest of the week passed about the way they expected in class. Ethics was confusing, gym was excruciating, and then there was class above ground… Sam decided to take a relatively light load of classes for his first semester. […]

Villain University: Chapter 8

Chapter 8     The next day Sam rushed down to look at his rankings; subtlety, focus, and ranged should all be up now, he knew his subtlety and focus ranks were going to be low, but he thought he had a chance in ranged. He’d been able to throw […]