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Villain University: Chapter 19 2

Chapter 19     The rain was pouring down the morning of Sam and Jackson’s match, but once they were down in underground complex the weather became irrelevant. Unless you happened to be someone who was hoping to get a little sunlight to top off your tank before a big […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 23 4

The hurried footsteps of three retired Heroes, clad in black fatigues, were the only sounds in the deserted hallway. All three advanced at a light jog toward the closed double door of a classroom. Their tranquilizer filled rifles were pointed safely at the ground, and away from each other. Despite […]

Echos: Chapter – XXII 5

Chapter – XXII Christina Ross had long since accepted that she would never really knew how she was going to fight her opponents. So she decided to embrace it. To use it. Christina had realized at an early age that her power also meant that nobody would ever know exactly […]

Villain University: Chapter 20 2

Chapter 20     Halloween was on a Saturday, which was nice as it made planning and partying much easier without cheapening it up by moving it to the nearest weekend, but it also meant Sam had another match that day as well. He’d been lucky enough to completely recharge; […]

Echos: Chapter – XXIII

Chapter – XXIII Max Hall once again found himself in that all too familiar infirmary. Erik and Robin were there as well, as was Tom, who had returned from his meeting with Dean Smith. Victoria had decided to tag along as well, though Danielle had gone back to her room, […]

The Charon Collection 7

Just a quick note before I let you dig into this short story (only 5400 words). This was originally written with the intention of being a standalone short story about Charon. I’ve thought about it for a few weeks now and it looks to me as though this could actually […]

Villain University: Chapter 21 1

Chapter 21     James fell to his knees and looked behind him, but couldn’t see the person that stabbed him. The blade was still in there and Sandy was screaming and Jennifer looked panicked, from the little he could see, people were running around in every direction, but the […]

Echos: Chapter – XXIV 2

Chapter – XXIV “Have you found anything yet?” Tom asked Max. After finishing up whatever classes they had in the afternoon, the group of friends had scattered around Sizemore Tech’s campus looking for some sign of a party. It was a delicate line for them to walk. On one hand […]