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A Change of Pace – Chapter 41 4

“I’ll see you there,” the feel of Becca’s lips pressed against hers left a tingling sensation running through Anika’s body. She barely even registered her girlfriend leaving for her challenge match. Anika let herself savor the moment; the touch, taste, smell and feel of Becca permeating her soul. She even […]

Echos: Chapter – XXXIII 1

Chapter – XXXIII “Now then, would anyone like to offer a summation of today’s discussion?” Dean Smith asked. As expected, several hands leapt into the air, followed shortly thereafter by a few more cautiously raised hands. It was from this second group that the dean preferred to pick from, though […]

A Change of Pace – Current Freshmen Rankings 4

Freshman Class Rankings Angela Martin- Angelic shifter Jason Cook- Advanced Mind (strong telekinetic, weak telepathy) Erin Fisher- can animate inanimate objects Alexander Webb- augments muscles and bones into creature with enhanced physical attributes Teresa Shaw- multispecies shifter Mason Jackson- super strength and durability Anika Kemps- designation undeterminable, learns new powers […]

Echos: Chapter – XXXIV

Chapter – XXXIV They were getting stronger. Slowly but surely the freshmen were getting better. Sure there were some like Kearney, Danielsen, or Locklear who had advanced physiques and would always outpace the rest of the class. But even the students without the benefit of superhuman physiques were improving. Nobody […]

Echos: Chapter – XXXV

Chapter – XXXV It was Thursday afternoon and Danielle was making a half-hearted attempt at studying for her American History midterm after the weekend. It was a “Gen Ed” class that colleges insisted freshmen take, the kind that focused on names and dates, rather than the story of history. And […]