Masks We Wear

Masks We Wear: Chapter 10 8

The Masks We Wear Chapter 10: The Morning After Sam woke early, as he always did. Light was creeping in through the cracks around the window shade, there was a comfortable weight on his shoulder and he looked down to see Jacqui’s tousled hair. Her right arm was thrown across […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 11 4

The Masks We Wear Chapter 11: This Far and No Farther Sam entered the same lecture hall he had just a day before, where he was forced to stand in front of the class and tell them who he was. This time however he and Ray didn’t just grab a […]

Masks We Wear: Updated Rank List #1 3

Men’s Rankings 1          Sam Fink – Energy Form 2          Dexter Richardson – Energy sphere and super speed 3          Ralph Weber – Shifter, Tentacle Creature 4          Marvin Brewer – Kinetic Absorber, enhanced durability 5          Tony Graves – Creates smoke and duplicates within the smoke which he shifts among 6          Clay Newton […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 12 4

The Masks We Wear Chapter 12: Teachers and Trainees Sean Pendleton and Carl Fletcher walked from the gym to the main conference room together. Sean opened the door and saw Dean Blaine sitting at the head of the table with his other professors in various seats. The bar which was […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 13 6

The Masks We Wear Chapter 13: Beat Up, Shake Down The rest of the week passed about the way they expected in class. Ethics was confusing, gym was excruciating, and then there was class above ground… Sam decided to take a relatively light load of classes for his first semester. […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 14 9

The Masks We Wear Chapter 14: Beat Down, Shake Up Ethics on Thursday proved a bit more interesting than the last gym class had. Sam arrived and took his assigned seat between Jenny and Manny. The class slowly filed in until all the seats were full except four, the three […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 15 8

The Masks We Wear Chapter 15: Biographies and Ultimatums Sean Pendleton escorted Ray Rios to his office down the hall from the gym. Sean never expected to be teaching in the HCP and this was the second year he was doing it much to his surprise. Still, it was better […]