Masks We Wear: Updated Rank List #1 3

Men’s Rankings

1          Sam Fink – Energy Form

2          Dexter Richardson – Energy sphere and super speed

3          Ralph Weber – Shifter, Tentacle Creature

4          Marvin Brewer – Kinetic Absorber, enhanced durability

5          Tony Graves – Creates smoke and duplicates within the smoke which he shifts among

6          Clay Newton – Pauses time and can act while everyone else is paused

7          Ray Rios – Shape shifter

8          Manny Sullivan

9          Dan Sutton – Shoots tar-like spheres

10        Terrance Barber

11        Al Stanley

12        Guillermo French

13        Leo Mack – Super strength and durability

14        Marc Simmons

15        Doug Holt – Technical brilliance

16        Dennis Ford – Advanced mind

17        Ted Greer – Super strength and durability

18        Joshua Patton – Dismissed after first gym class, powers unrevealed

19        Jared Hall

20        Garrett Rogers – Vibration control – Dismissed after first gym class

21        Tommy Moody

22        John Davis – Healer

23        Nate Anderson

24        Keith Chandler


Women’s Rankings

1          Kerry Powell – Projective anti-healer

2          Natasha Hill – Tactile telekinetic

3          Kellie Hart – Enhanced thought, strength, and reflexes

4          Gloria Mason

5          Pam Sparks – Advanced mind, can warp perception

6          Melanie Franklin

7          Dixie Marsh – Absorbs the properties of materials she touches

8          Christina Nash

9          Jacqueline Ramos – Intangibility

10        Jorgie Long

11        Victoria Snyder – Shifter, animate tree

12        Jenny Parsons – Speedster, line of site teleporter

13        Sylvia Warren

14        Bethany Schultz – Petrification

15        June Bishop

16        Lori Wilkerson – Shifter, humanoid dragon

17        Annette Garner – Dismissed after first gym class, powers unrevealed

18        Grace Mann

19        Candace Vaughn

20        Kim Nash

21        Sue Fisher

22        Lucy Hines

23        Crystal Butler

24        Tracy Webster

25        Patsy Banks

26        Gwynne Summers


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3 thoughts on “Masks We Wear: Updated Rank List #1

  • MDS Post author

    As promised…. a while ago… I’ve updated the rank list with new information added over the last several chapters. I’ll do it again when a significant number of blanks are filled in through the story.


  • Davii

    Just read this for the second time, really enjoyed it all 🙂 looking forward to the rest. Hope you’ll write more soon (any idea when that’ll be?).

    • MDS Post author

      Soon I hope. I’ve been working on the next chapter of Darkest Days for a while. Seeing all the new authors here has made me try and find more time to write. Unfortunately my schedule is not cooperating at all.