Echos: Character List – 1

Sizemore HCP

-Freshmen –

Maximilian “Max” Hall

  • Characteristics: Male, average height, brown hair and eyes. “Pudgy” build. Only super from his home town, bullied because he was believed to be a powered. Tends to be quiet and is somewhat naive.
  • Known Powers: Generates a force field that can deflect a wide range of energies, from light to kinetic. Upper limits unknown. Only recently developed control over his power.

Danielle Malone

  • Characteristics: Female, above average height. Dark blonde hair, pale skin, eyes appear to be matte chrome. Granddaughter of Senator Mark Malone
  • Known Powers: Original body was destroyed and rebuilt by prototype medical nano-machines. Body is now a dense titanium-steel alloy

Thomas “Tom” Porter

  • Characteristics: Short, jovial, prankster. Accomplished gymnast. More aware and insightful than others tend to realize. Originally from New York City
  • Known Powers: Creates portals that can connect any two points in space. Portals must be formed on a flat surface, but can exist in potentia for an unknown amount of time before evaporating. Range is not currently known.

Peter Shaw

  • Characteristics: Average height, build, and appearance. Devoutly religious, he believes he is only an instrument of God’s grace. Peter is the (slightly) older brother of Catherine Shaw
  • Known Powers: Shifts into an angelic being that has healing abilities and a “Calming Aura”

Catherine “Cat” Shaw

  • Characteristics: Petite, pale, dark hair. Not religious at all. Avid gamer, and lover of geek culture.
  • Known Powers: Shape shifter who can assume a large sasquacth form with superhuman strength and durability, or a chupacabra form with very enhanced senses, natural camouflage, and paralytic venom on spines and claws.  Quick but not physically robust.

Erik Danielsen

  • Characteristics: Tall, long blond hair, powerful physique
  • Known Powers: Greatly enhanced strength and durability when he is in combat. Exact

Robin King

  • Characteristics: Bright read hair. Average height and build (though out of shape), talkative and says what’s on her mind. Frequently makes (often obscure) pop culture references.
  • Known Powers: Healer. Body creates hyper-active stem cells that have an analgesic/narcotic effect and imparts a short-lived healing factor when they enter the blood stream or land on a wound. Manifests as a translucent powder when she rubs her hands. Personal healing factor.

Sean Kearney (Men’s No. 1 Rank)

  • Characteristics: Slightly below average height and slightly built. Pale skin and obviously of Irish decent. Committed to the idea of being a warrior,
  • Known Power  Charges his hands with energy that acts like a taser, interrupting nerve signals. Can increase charge for greater effect, but strikes are slowed down. Also has enhanced agility and body control

Christina Ross (Women’s No. 1 Rank)

  • Characteristics: Tall, lean, athletic build. Goth/punk styling with multiple piercings. Very angry, manifests as insubordination and a confrontational attitude.
  • Powers: Power randomization – Effort of will randomizes her power set. Basic sets have a high incidence of occurring, while more esoteric power sets occur less frequently. Any power is possible, though she can only maintain one for a certain period of time, and switching powers initially takes time.
  1. Brown eyes – Strongman. Moderate levels of strength and endurance. Greater strength also gives increased speed and leaping ability
  2. Green eyes – throws exploding energy bolts
  3. Blue eyes – Advanced mind. Mostly telekinetic, limited telepathy
  4. Swirling grey – Creates a mist that fills obscures light. It also smells like her, and muffles sound, giving her stealth abilities. Can eventually control the mist like an extension of her body.

Victoria Bennett

  • Characteristics: Average height, straight black dark hair and very pale skin. Very slightly built
  • Known Powers: Advanced mind, manifests as psychomancy and tactile telekinesis


Michael “Mike” White (Men’s No. 1 Rank)

  • Characteristics: Tall, broad shouldered, dark skinned. Glowing green eyes
  • Known Powers: Not Yet Revealed

Grace Carter

  • Characteristics: Very tall (over 6 foot), dark skin, straight dark hair. Competitive, sarcastic.
  • Known Powers: Not Yet Revealed


Dean John Smith

  • Characteristics: Average height and build. Brown hair. Always seen wearing a suit and round framed glasses. Always well informed, but not much is known about his past.
  • Known Powers: Not Yet Revealed – Related to teleportation

Alexander “Alex” Marshall

  • Characteristics: Tall, broad shouldered, very fit. Short hair.
  • Known Powers: Not Yet Revealed

Helen Weiss

  • Characteristics: Below average height. Pale skin, platinum blonde/white hair kept short. Formerly an active front-line Hero
  • Known Powers: Water elemental. Can control water in all phases.

Kevin Strong

  • Characteristics: Average height, massively muscular physique, gruff personality
  • Known Powers: High level enhanced strength and durability, exact agent is unknown.

Dr. Jeremy Miles

  • Characteristics: Slightly above average height, well kept brown hair. Graduate of Sizemore Tech’s HCP.
  • Known Powers: Tech genius, specializing in bio-technology and medicine. Developed the nano-technology involved in Danielle’s accident.

Second City Justice

Ani-Man (Anthony Mason)

  • Characteristics: Tall, blond hair (mask includes brown hair). Costume is a traditional costume of red and blue. Very popular with young children and leader of 2nd City Justice. Leader of Second City Justice.
  • Known Powers: High level animator, can manipulate and control any complex inanimate object.

Arachne (Jennifer “Jen” Ellis)

  • Characteristics: Tall and curvy. Long auburn hair that perpetually hangs over one eye (which glows when she uses her power). Subtly hero, her costume appears to be more like an evening gown. Plays the seductress, but is more of a tomboy in private. Long-time friend and former classmate of Ani-Man
  • Known Powers: Not Yet Revealed

Cold Fusion (Alala and Ailia Argyris)

  • Characteristics: Identical twins. Average and unremarkable looking young women. Daughters of Greek Immigrants. Athletic and skilled by normal human standards, work very well together and are prone to finishin each other’s sentences
  • Known Powers: Twins are powerless apart, but fuse into a single superhero. Cold Fusion has unrevealed atomic powers. Minds and memories sync when they fuse.

Ricochet (Robert “Rob” O’Brien)

  • Characteristics: Pale skin and dark hair, quick-witted.
  • Known Powers: Elasticity, can stretch and deform his body in almost any way. Highly resistant to damage.

Menagerie (Noah Taylor)

  • Characteristics: Long hair and beard, wears a plain costume that allows for his body modifications. Generally pessimistic about people, but an avid animal rights activist.
  • Known Powers: Absorber who can manifest the characteristics of animals by absorbing their DNA. Length of manifestation depends on how close the animal’s genome is to human.



  • Characteristics: Cyborg, body is heavily and obviously modified to include technological augmentations. Obsessed by the philosophies of technological trans-humanism. Last seen attempting to steal Dr. Miles’ nano-machines
  • Known Powers: Tech Genius, specializing in body-modifications. Replacement body parts take capabilities beyond human. Precise capabilities and modifications unknown.

NOTE: Since we’ve reached the 25th chapter, I thought I’d see if anyone has any thoughts, comments, or constructive criticism of the story so far. If so, let me know, they would be greatly appreciated.

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