22 ‘Carrying a Cross’

I followed the man out into the open and half froze, he could have me killed instantly. While a minute ago that scared me now I feel like I deserve it. I feel like a veil has been removed from my eyes and I’m seeing the world truly for the first time. I looked down at the face of the young kid in my hands, a moment ago he was a monster, now he was a victim. Soul crushing guilt flowed throw my body, racking across my heart and mind, my world tumbling down around me. I did the only thing a person could do in this situation I followed the only source of light in this dark horrid place I find myself. I looked at the man again, he was a monster in all sense of the world, scary as anything I’ve seen, in both appearance and action, his hatred matched his compassion in all things, he could kill a man without remorse and forgive a sinner without pause. It was a confusing cycle of madness to be around him but so far nothing bad has truly happened to me. I noticed we were approaching a group of freaks, I mean hero’s. My mind was so backwards right now I don’t really think I can tell the difference. The group walked forward to catch the ‘Scary Man’ I’ll call him. They approached the man with surprise on their face. “We were starting to worry. What happened in there.” They spoke in unison but mostly deferred to one in a dark grayish, blackish outfit. Scary Man started speaking calmly. “There were I believe five of them in there. Three were armed, when I entered they’d already killed another one. A young girl around four or five.” As he said this pain and guilt flooded my system. Tears sprung to my eyes. Scary Man continued on, “I killed four of them and the last one, him, was released from a weak method of mind control the leader was applying, once released he helped me free the children and helped me carry them out.” Shock covered my face, mind control so Preacher Fletcher was one of them, that actually explained a fair bit. Before I could even continue my line of thoughts an officer walked over looked at me and said. “Your under arrest, for assisted murder and well several other charges I’m not going to disclose to the likes of you.” The disgust was evident on his face, he stepped towards me, I quickly set the child down carefully on the ground. And turned to face my punishment. Then Scary Man interrupted. “Actually by law all actions he committed while under the influence of a mind controlling super he cannot legally be held accountable for. So you can’t arrest him.” Surprise covered both my and the officer’s face. “Wait the leader of their little group had mind control powers?” Scary Man nodded. “Huh, well I’m sorry kid. Look I know what you helped do is probably killing you, but it isn’t your fault, it’s his. You’ll get through this eventually.” A mix of confusion and relief crossed my face. All I managed to say was thank you. I turned to Scary Man. He looked at me, and simply said. “In his early days of the law enforcement job, he was controlled my a super who called himself the puppet master, he was made to do horrible things, things even your small cult never did. It took years for him to even start to get over it, the pain and memories haunt him every day. It’s why he strives to do the best he can for the people. And yes I know everything about everyone, it makes conversation a bore at times but still…” He then motioned for me to follow and pointed at the child, so I took him with me and followed Scary Man and his stone things over to the ambulances and medical team, I then set the child down and started to turn to follow when I heard a women yelling out “Mike, mike where are you.” She rushed over to the ambulance and started looking at each child in turn. When she came across the young toddler I’d been carrying, she cried and hugged the little boy. “Is he going to be alright?” She asked me, I just stuttered for a few second. Thankfully Scary Man came to the rescue. “He received no injury, he’s simply tired, same as the rest of us, it’s been an incredibly long day has it not?” He nodded slightly attempting to be polite but it backfired. She screamed then began rambling out nonsense. “Monster, monster help. Please someone help.” She turned and ran away with Mike. She ran up to the group of fr-supers we talked to yesterday and began screaming out madness and pointed at Scary Man and began screaming some more. She’d gathered a fair sized crowd. I turned to look at Scary Man. “I’m going to put this down to stress and the fact she nearly lost her son today, I’m not going to put it down to my appearance at all. Because that would be entirely irrelevant, now wouldn’t it.” I laughed at his sarcastic joke. Maybe my nerves were finally getting to me. He then continued. “I’d thought you’d like to know my name is Chris, so you don’t have to call me Scary Man any more.” He chuckled lightly at that one and I froze in fear for a second before hesitantly forcing a laugh. He patted my back rather lightly. “You’ll get used to my personality eventually, but for now a question, how are you with a lack of logic? You know a cartoon like representation of human interaction and lifestyles?”

21 'Scary Man'
23 'Bubbles'

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