23 ‘Bubbles’

I hate the mornings, honestly worse time of day. Three years of this and you’d think I’d get use to the sensation of drowning but no it sticks with you over time. I open my eyes as usual see the water that envelops my world, freak the hell out and start struggling my chains prevent me from leaving and after a few minutes I regain my calm. Every morning, for the last three years. Damn that bastard preacher guy. Hates supers, does he. Wraps me in iron chains and cast me into the ocean with an anchor keeping me down does he. Well damn he outsmarted me. I look around my blurry world and find my life chain. The one that binds me. I’ve been working for the last three years to break this thing and still not out. I struggle over to it and pick it up as usual then i see something shining in the distance. Well I got nothing better to do so I spend the next three hours struggling over to it. It’s a crowbar, in remarkably good condition. Guess someone dropped it into the ocean. Oh well their loss my gain and all. I use this piece of metal to twist and break another piece of metal, that had grown just as brittle and weak as me over the years. But none of that mattered as freedom awaits me. I kick of my chains with undeterred glee and swim to the surface, which is harder that it looked. Apparently bottom of ocean also means lot of pressure pushing me down. But I was making progress however slowly. I was curious as to exactly what I was planning on doing upon my arrival to the surface, maybe some food and a shower oh how I miss food and showers. For some reason all this cold water makes me wish the hot kind. And the clean kind. I’m coated in an inch or two of salt. So I have to get money, but how? I know I’ll rob a convenience store. Alright now that we have that sorted I’ll need to think up a full plan. Let’s see step one, rob convenience store. Step two use phone book or just general directions to find motel to sleep in. Step three food, step four evaluate my life and find something to do for the rest of eternity, I’m sadly immortal now so that’s probably gonna suck after a while. Maybe I’ll hit the gym, I could go through the rest of forever with a six-pack probably. I wonder how the worlds changed over the last three years, if we have jet packs I’m gonna kill somebody. Same goes for hover boards and robots as well as legalized weed, but that’s a personal thing. Damn right it is me. So now we have plan and hopes and dreams what next? Well me I don’t know, wanna take over for a while? Yeah sure I could go for a little leg stretching or is it technically stretching if it’s underwater. Also I don’t remember it being this deep. And with that, my normally black hair turned white, my white eyes turned black and my small skinny frame stayed the same. But my new beard grew in with the color change also going white. Row, row, row your body. Gently up to the surface… Merrily, merrily trying to stay sane. Speaking of sane which one of us is actually the original one of us? It was a good question. I don’t know I’m guessing you? Who cares really it’s not like it matters. Though I guess we should play a game to decide who’s the dominate force? I smile happily, damn right me you know we love the games, but which one is right for primary control of our body? I know rock paper scissors. Okay on three. One, two, three. Rock  Paper. Ha I win. And as leader I say no best outta three ’cause we both hate that crap, and you don’t really care about it that much. Now row my minion to the surface. Alright, alright keep your hat on. I push my limbs to their limits and keep them there until hours later our head bobbed above the surface. “Excellent, now which way to the shore?” Oh shit. You don’t remember either? I look around in the dead of night unable to see a damn thing. Fuck. So we’ll wait to morning to see if we can catch a glimpse of the shore, if not we strike out directly in front of us and hope for the best. Agreed?   Agreed. Want me to take over? Naw grab a few hours sleep in there I’ll call you in a few hours to take a shift alright. I felt the mental presence drift of soundlessly to sleep and buckled up for the long haul. Ice cold water smashed against me from every direction, the force of it lashing me with pain and the cold of it chilling my nerves to numbness. My will weakened over time, but I held on till the end of my shift then awoke me and took my turn to sleep hoping for pleasant dreams. Me woke me from a rather enjoyable dream of sitting down. I could tell he was slowly breaking and took over as quickly as I could. Let me rest we deserved it. I waited out my shift till the sun rose. I waited a little longer to see if I could catch a glimpse of anything but after a while my hopes started to dim then I saw it. A edge of something, not water a break in the waves. Land. With no thought I struggled out towards it, battling against waves for the rest of the day. But by sun down I finally reached the shore and the first thing I did was sleep, me took over and began exacting our plan. Money and food and sleep and well that’s it basically. But still here we come.

22 'Carrying a Cross'
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