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I spend two weeks in a cheap motel, living of take-out and I feel like I’m in heaven. Damn my standards dropped so low, so quickly. Oh well who can blame me. I’m serious who are they, I’ll find them and shut them up. Your mad. Mad I tell ya. How about today we treat ourselves. We can take a relaxing morning by that lovely little cafe thing we saw a few days ago, and maybe go sight seeing. Plus we can get back up to date with modern pop culture. Wow that sounded robotic as fuck. But still, ‘We’ Day? Hell yes. Go now or what? I mean it’s still kinda early, isn’t it? It’s noon, so no not that early to normal folk. But still the early me catches the worm, though I deject the concept of catching worms their disgusting. Agreed so little cafe time, yay this will be so much fun.

The next two weeks were pretty boring compared to the first one. The mother managed to garner a fair enough sized crowd and played on their fear and worry so that I was chased from the scene of the crime that I stopped. Irony. But still the kid I redeemed I’d guess you’d say was called Jac Patterson. I had him sent out to my house were Mia said she’d torture him or was it be polite. One or the other he was in for an uncomfortable experience. I also made sure he attended a super support group once a week. The kind that raised awareness of their mistreatment and also helped those discriminated against and in need. Besides from that side-project. Life was apparently simple as a low level hero group on the edge of town, we had to assist in a few small scale super gang altercations, as well as help with some fires and a fair panic control. Though all hero’s are on high alert about some kind of robot menace or something, a major super team was attacked by a group of them. I didn’t believe it for a few minutes due to the cliche nature of it but I was still semi-cautious. Though I am on my way to check out a small cafe that Phantom recommended to me. I’ve never learned any of their real names or seen them without masks. Though I know they meet up every evening for drinks. So I’m assuming their just uncomfortable with me. I ignore my self pity for a few minutes as I walk on towards the cafe, I pass a cheap motel place with a crappy neon sign out front. What kind of pathetic idiot would even sleep there I don’t know. I continue on towards the main part of the city were the cafe was. I hope they had some decent food, I was kinda hungry, though mostly I was going because the nice weather and I hadn’t a chance to check out any tourist attractions here. I rarely came to the city so I never actually got to look around it much. And the parts I’d seen so far were usually on fire.

Fuck the sun, Screw the sun, Please get out, of our eyes. You filthy, Ugly bastard. I hate you and all you love, so go suck of a fat… Wait a second are we heading in the right direction? Ah fuck. I stop do a U turn and walked the other way for five minutes before realizing I was heading the right way and turned back. Ah fuck. The walk back was filled to the maximum quantity of self-loathing humanly possible. Idiot, Idiot and Idiot. God dammit you know we hate walking for to long especially with the sun in out eyes. It took an unbearable amount of time to reach the cafe, sadly it was in ruins. Now my mind kind of turns of and on at the sight I see before me, are those… Robots! Hell fucking yeah. I stroll confidently across the mostly destroyed area to get a closer view of the robots. “Holy shit, I can’t believe what I’m seeing, actual giant robots on a rampage. Holy shit.” The robots were about six feet tall, steel outer casing with long arms, one with a claw hand the other with what appeared to be a cannon. It was a three sixty scope sensor for a head and it’s body rotated around itself to a target. So cool. The robot turned to look at me. I looked at it. It looked at me. I waved at it. It punched me. I flew away. It turned away. I crashed into the cafe window. It continued to break things. Unfair.

I arrive to find the square and the cafe in ruins, apparently the robots were here. Now all this was weird. What was weirder was the guy who walked up to the giant robot, and stood watching. What was scary was when the robot turned and looked at it. What was horrible was when it killed the guy. Unless he was a super he was dead, the thing smacked him across the square into the cafe’s window. Poor bastard. I immediately take my phone out of my pocket. I call Phantom who let it ring three times before answering. “Hello, Chris how can I help you. Get lost on the way to the cafe?” I refrain from frowning. “No I’m here, so are those giant robots you were talking about. So be here or be square. I’ll hold them here for a while but call in the cavalry or whatever, there’s about five of them.” I hung up quickly then engaged.

Oh hell no. Ain’t no mother fucker be they man or machine, bitch slap me to the point of severe injury. I push myself up out of the rubble and march out of the shop. I grab the wooden leg of a table that had been broke. Okay us think and concentrate, who goes in me or you? I say you take first hit so you get first kill. Deal, wait who the fuck is that. A guy in a black suit who was ungodly tall, with gray skin and black hair charged the giant monsters. Well not to be outdone by a stranger I also charged in. I ran jumped awkwardly and landed on the back/front of the bastard who smacked me. “Hey bitch, remember me?” I then smashed the wooden leg into the scanner which cracked. I then repeated the process till I broke through. I then ran it into the internal circuitry of the thing and it fell to the ground immobilized. The big guy looked at me and with a sick smile on his face simply said. “Names Chris, care to join the fun?” I smile back and nod. He then for all intense purposes, picks me up like a ball and throws me at another robot. I manage to scream out the words. “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge mother fuckers.” I was pretty proud of that statement.

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  • Rightblad34

    Haha who is this other crazy guy! He is pretty funny and fits well with Chris. Wait do they both have two voices in their heads?