25 ‘Hive Mind’

This Chris guy had quiet the aim, I splattered right against the robot. But I made sure to hit the scanner with the stick. Sadly my aim was not so good. I smacked the side/front of the scanner which shattered of but did no internal damage. I however practically exploded. My bones shattered from the force, one arm practically ripped of. But I stuck the landing regenerated myself up to normal. I mentioned you only got the first kill. Alright. I reached inside his shattered scanner and began pulling on wires and breaking up circuitry. The robot began to collapse to the side I was on. I attempted to jump away but only landed directly in it’s path. Oh Fuck, Good job. The robot landed directly on top of me and squished me. Trapped.

I ran forward just as the robot fell on the guy. But I was too late, it crushed him. I quickly pushed the thing of him to evaluate the damage. Only I find him pulling himself back together. He looked different this time, his hair was white and eyes were black. Unusual maybe he was a shifter? “Hey mind giving me a hand up.” I was genuinely worried about this guy’s mental state but offered him a hand. Which he took and pulled himself up legs rebuilding themselves underneath him. “So that stick of yours, you using it?” I looked down at my specially made cane with a built in gun and blade. “No, but I want it back.” I offered it to him half curious of what he was gonna do. He did not disappoint. He ran at a dead sprint towards the next robot then half jumped half fell onto it’s back. He then pulled out the blade and neatly slide it into the scanner of the robot then awkwardly jumbled it about till the thing began to fall, this time however he waited then jumped at the end, to get maximum safety. I ran forward and simply smashed two of them together destroying them both easily. So four down two to go. “One each?” He nodded, then his hair turned black and his eyes white. Shifter. He ran at the robot same as before, but this time they were prepared for him, one shot a lazer at him which made a giant hole in his chest. Not that it stopped him, the flesh filled back in again. Another reached down and grabbed him and held him in the air above it. He then raised up the blade, fumbled at it for a second then activated the gun mode. He fired one shot at the one holding him but couldn’t control the knock back so went flying away again to land next to me. I reached down puck up my gun and aimed and killed the last one. “Thanks for returning this.” He stood up and nodded.

Well that was interesting. Yes, yes it was. So ask this Chris guy some questions, what can he do, who is he. “So Chris what exactly are your powers what all can you do?” Nice. He answered simply. “I’m a mimic, but a permanent one, I’ll ‘drain’ the abilities of another super for myself either scrambling or reversing or simply leaving their powers be. I’ve got several abilities as of right now.” Holy shit that is beast. “Do me, then. I gotta see this.” Chris raised an eyebrow but removed a set of black gloves he was wearing and offered me his hand. I took it. I personally don’t think this is that great of an idea. But still this is probably gonna be cool. I second that. As I thought those words black smoke spread from Chris’s hands and enveloped me, I felt a pulling sensation towards him and faintly heard a new voice. ThIINoT nOrMaL. Holy shit Chris is that you, yours all scrambled. I know weird right, do you think he accidentally joined our little hive mind? –Hive Mind?- Ah yes much less scrambled now, and by hive mind me meant is your thoughts now connected to mine, also the other voice is simply me again, kinda like a repeat, though don’t ask which is the original we can’t tell. -Okay, then this is not normal to say the least, I wonder what all he can hear?- Just about everything funny boy. You really need to train your mind up a bit, we don’t want to hear everything you think. -Oh Fuck. So how do I control what you hear and don’t hear? I don’t hear everything you think.- That’s because we simply think only what we say other than that our mind is empty. You however have an automatic reflex to scan your environment and assess possible threats. It ain’t normal.  -I have a question though, am I gonna regenerate as fast as your now?- The hell if we know only one way to find out, stab yourself. I look up and see Chris standing there one eyebrow raised questionably. I using all my skill tugged the gun/blade thing outta his hands turned it on him and fired. Again the recoil damn. I looked up from my new position across the square, few bones broke. “Well?” -Didn’t pass through my suit and don’t do that again.- I took aim again and fired this time hitting his ungloved hand. -Ahh Fuck what the hell.- I look over from and see that his hand had regenerated. “Congratulations welcome to the immortal club.” -Immortal?- Yep. We don’t age anymore. -Oh fuck.- I look over to see a group of people in hilarious outfits charging at me across the square. Permission to fire? -Denied- Awww. Your no fun.

24 'Robots'
26 'Confined Spaces'

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