26 ‘Confined Spaces’ 1

They threw me in a cell. -I’m working on it, calm the hell down.- No we won’t calm the hell down, we don’t like confinement or small spaces. So work faster or I swear I’ll kill them all. Not if I don first. -Give me a moment I’m talking to them now. It’s illegal for a super to assist in a hero situation.- Self-Defense, it hit me first remember. -I’m in the middle of saying that. Yeah no go. Eye-witnesses saw you walk up to the damn things and stare, so you provoked them technically. But that logic is bullshit.- I agree also you have ten minutes or we’re breaking out. Five. -Oh Fuck.-

“Look what’s it gonna take to get him out?” I look at Phantom who was sitting at his desk a big smug smile on his face. “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do, I’m sending in a report now your friends done for.” I groan, attempting to tune out the mindless death threats that my mental occupants were making, I still hadn’t learned any names. I needed a new angle and I needed it fast. “What’s your problem with me?” Shock crossed his face for a second then cool collected smugness returned. “Problem what problem? I’m simply doing my job keeping the streets safe.” My patience was slipping away at an accelerated rate. “It’s obvious you don’t like me, so why might I ask is that?” The smile disappeared instantly. “You want to know why?” I nod. “I’ll tell you. I don’t like you, you smart little bastard because you think your better than us, like your some elite one in a billion god while we’re just lowly sources of power.” I was shocked to say the least, so were my mental occupants. Dude you ain’t all that little. Also not that much of a bastard. “What makes you think I believe I’m elite?” Anger took hold of Phantom and he lost all sense. “What, you always walk around with that smug smile.” I laugh cruelly. “That’s my natural face. I can’t change it no matter how hard I try. But if you talked to me once besides missions and simply to relay instructions you might have known that.” Some anger drained out of his face. “Well your still so cocky as to walk around without a mask.” I shake my head. “My coach actually told me not to bother, that it wouldn’t help unless it was a full head mask. My features are too recognizable.” More anger drained. “Well you stay in your shifted form all the time.” I groan loudly. “This is my normal body, I have a shifted form I just don’t use it that often, it’s a last defense more or less.” Anger drained completely from his face. I went on the offensive for once. “Exactly how much information were you given about me?” Phantom rummaged through his desk and pulled out a form. I read it. ‘Phan it’s Ramp, I got a special job here for you, a student is gonna be working with you for a month he’s skilled, more so than usual but I need you to break him, rein in his confidence. Show him what real hero’s can do. His names Chris, you’ll know him when you seen him, imagine a monster.’ Oh you got burned Chris. Yep, totally played. Who’s Ramp? is it short for some old hero name like Rampage? Come on man a little back story please. I ignore them both for a few moments. “Well that’s interesting. I’ll deal with that later but for now can you let the guy go, I got him and his doubleganger mentally running around in my head. I accidentally ended up linked to them when I drained his powers and he’s immortal and so am I, now. I don’t need this forever.” Phantom looked me in the eye. “Immortal? Never seen that before.” I shrug. Phantom pauses a moment then nods and leads down to the holding cell were the guy was waiting arms crossed. “You ignored me, how could you Chrissi? Also my name is Jafar, and my reflections name is Ali and yes we were named after a Disney movie don’t judge. I’ll cry.” He shifted so Ali was present. “I won’t I still got three wishes.” He snickered and shifted back to Jafar. “Yeah ironic that I’m the bad guy and he’s the good guy, what with our color pallet’s but still these things happen. Now open this door so I may find a stepladder to slap Mr Hartley for not learning my name.” True to his word he did find a stepladder and did slap me across my face much to everyone’s surprise. That night I sent an e-mail to Coach asking if Jafar/Ali could enter the program, simply because it was the best option and I needed a spy on the inside to keep me updated. I got a reply in half an hour. ‘No word for two weeks and now your recruiting? This guy better be worth it. What can he do and how did you meet? No skimping on details.’ I gave a report on the robot attack and stated he was a shifter and had a regenerating ability that made him immortal. She was immediately interested and said to send him in tomorrow. Next day Jafar/Ali were gone. And I had slightly less than a week to plan my return, Coach wanted to break me, I will not be broken. I’m gonna kick her ass.

25 'Hive Mind'

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    That block of text actually hurts my brain. It’s tremendously hard to read and I gave up after the first few sentences. I hope it’s a webpage screw up that removed all formatting.