Survival of the Fittest

Chapter 11

Chris was odd, I mean the don’t pry into my personal life right now odd. I respected that and left it be but still come on bro. We strolled at a leisure pace no one made any conversation till Chris randomly said. “Hey Kadar, do you think at any time […]

Chapter 12 3

Lunch became an enjoyable affair after the awkwardness evaporated, I spent a little time getting to know the seniors. Names and powers mostly as well as rank in year. After lunch I asked Damien where I was suppose to go, he said that first day is a free day so […]

Chapter 13

The Fuck, I duck out of the way. It was crowded in the kitchen but I had room to slip around behind my attacker. I then pulled the frying pan out of their hands and calmly put it on the counter. “Why did you try to club me with a […]

Chapter 14

I felt like shit. I tugged my head up to see I was buried in a pile of bodies. My head was banging and my stomach was killing me. I use my power to move through everyone in the pile and get up. I solidify then and move to the […]

Chapter 15

I am not amused here. I decide to switch things up a bit. I’ll use Jerhico’s power for this one, he’s a telepath he needs to be able to think to fight. When siren rings I threw a light ray of pain at his right leg. All while I sprinted […]

Chapter 16

“Alright then Chris ready yourself we’re doing this proper.” Coach was determined now, great. “So rules then?” I asked looking for a cheat or something to use. “Lets see, no excessive attempts at murder no using hostages and you can only use what weapons you have on you.” Coach then […]

Chapter 18 1

I open the door to see the weirdest trio to ever grace the earth, a really cute girl, old man and weird copy paste of Chris with a changed color pallet. “Hi, are you Chris’s family?” I don’t know why I asked but I still felt bad for being mean […]

Chapter 19 1

I laugh lightly at this. “Hey Bess, you’ll like these lot.” I strolled down and Evans threw a chair over to me I caught it and set it down and deposited myself in it. Finnas looked fairly amused at the course of events. “You know they say that the instructors […]

Chapter 20

Moving home was a simple affair, no clothes fit. My only personal possession is my weird hammock which no longer supported my increased weight. So I left it. My home was actually incredibly far away up in the mountains, it was modern in design but foreign in appearance, with white […]